Welcome First Post

I’m trying out AWS EC2 with this WordPress site. I’ve registered this aguywitha.com URL and we’ll see what we do here. This thing will not be up 100% of the time…

The hope is to use ‘A Guy With A…’ to read as any of the following (or similar):

  • .com
  • a blog
  • a dev portfolio?
  • GitHub? (Hey I totally have that, I just don’t have much in there worth sharing)
  • a family
  • a life (I declined to register aguywitha.life, which I may regret, or just go back and grab that later)

I think the bulleted list above looks bad, I need this thing indented! Maybe I’ll look up what my options are with WordPress. I assume a plugin somewhere will give me a greater level of customization for this stuff, or at least maybe a more fully featured editor in this CMS.

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